Tuesday, 24 May 2011

PfA and HAD

A comment from "Anonymous" appeared in the comments following Caroline Tully's recent interview with Ronald Hutton.

It alleged that Ronald Hutton is "behind" Pagans for Archaeology. He's not some eminence grise, you know. Ronald Hutton is not associated with Pagans for Archaeology; I asked him to be a patron and he gracefully declined, on two grounds: (1) to preserve his neutrality; (2) because it would imply that he endorses everything we do (whether he does or not). I founded Pagans for Archaeology, and have asked two Pagans who are interested in archaeology to help me run the Facebook group.

Anonymous further alleges that PfA is seeking to undermine HAD. Far from it; we have cordial relations with HAD, and I regard HAD as the moderates in the reburial debate, as they are only calling for reburial of some remains, not all remains, and are building dialogue with the heritage, archaeology and museum sector. I have had cordial conversations with Emma Restall-Orr on the subject of reburial, and interviewed her on the Pagans for Archaeology blog. The extremists in the reburial debate are CoBDO (West), who want to rebury all remains.

Pagans for Archaeology represents those Pagans who do not agree with reburial, and who are interested in archaeology, and want to improve relations with the heritage, museum and archaeology sector.


Bo said...

Oh, these people. I honestly don't know how you stand them, Yewtree. I think back warmly to British Paganism in the late 90s, before the loons and f*cktards took over. Keep up the good work.

Yewtree said...

Well, as I don't identify as a Pagan any more, I feel quite detached from the whole experience. That's also why I thought it would be best to get some Pagans on board to help organise PfA.

Bo said...

I know---yes. It's a tremendous resource. x

Geraldine Moorkens Byrne said...

It would be funny if it wasn't annoying and pointless. PFA is a great (and enjoyable) resource. There are always those who build and those who tear down.

Yewtree said...

Thank you Geraldine :)