Friday, 24 October 2008

Two CoBDOs

According to the official website of the Council of British Druid Orders:
We the undersigned Representatives of Orders and Officers of The Council of British Druid Orders, established 1989 (˜The Council), would like it known that we do not recognise nor permit the usage of, nor representation under, the name of the Council by any other Groups or Individuals other than those undersigned Orders and Individuals.

Neither do we recognise or support the usage and representation of our name by any group claiming to be a subsidiary or regional Council of CoBDO.

Arthur Pendragon, Loyal Arthurian Warband (joined 1991)
Rollo Maughfling, Glastonbury Order of Druids (Founder Member 1989)
Liz Murray, Universal Druid Order (joined 1990)
Steve Wilson, Druid Clan of Dana (joined 1991)
Sarah Rooke, Berengaria Order of Druids
David Morgan-Brown, Order of the Red Dragon (joined 2003)
Louise Turner, Druids of Albion (joined 1996)
Veronica Hammond, Cotswold Order of Druids (joined 1995)
Wayne Hughes, Phoenix Order of Druids (joined 2007)
Tony Jameson, Dorset Order of Druids (joined 2007)
Paul Bills, Cumbrian Order Of Druids (joined 2007)
Douglas Lyne, Iolo Morganwg Fellowship (joined 1991)

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