Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Archaeology in your area

BAJR have produced a map of where you can find all the local and active fieldwork archaeology societies in Britain (using a Google Maps mashup).

Check it out to find a local society in your area. It's also worth visiting the CBA Community Archaeology Forum, which has pages of information about each group's activity.


Fritz Zimmerman said...

I just published "A Photographic Essay and Guide to the Adena Hopewell Sioux and Iroquois Mounds and Earthworks" It is avaiable at Itasca books. 222 mound and earthwork sites were photographed and directions provided in Ohio,Indiana, West Virginia, Kentucky and Michigan. Overwhelming evidence is presented that the the Hopewell were Sioux along with the kindred tribes of Cherokee and Iroquois. Analysis of the measurments of the earthworks reveals that the Adena and Hopewell had knowledge of complex mathamatics that included the formulations of pi and square roots.
The future for the mounds and earthworks is to restore, protect and return them to the Native Americans.

Yewtree said...

Congratulations, it sounds excellent.