Thursday, 4 March 2010

Great is Artemis of the cheese!

Sorita d'Este has found a reference to an ancient Greek cheese-stealing ritual:
In Lakedaimonion Politeia (2.9) we find a reference to this cheese stealing ritual in which two opposing groups of young men would contest some cheese, which would be stored on the altar of Artemis. The first group would defend the cheese with whips and the second group would try to steal it.
I definitely think this ritual should be revived; it sounds excellent. I'm sure it would benefit the cheese-makers (who are, as is well-known, bless├Ęd, along with other manufacturers of dairy products).


Laura said...

Oh no, not another cheesy pagan ritual! :-)

Anonymous said...

. . . always wondered where "cheesed off" came from . . . ;0)

I'm game if we can use brie!

Yewtree said...

Definitely Brie; I'm also rather fond of Camembert, and some of that Norwegian brown cheese would be nice. And some nice toasted halloumi, or some saganaki.

goeticgirl said...

can we make it a very strong cheddar?