Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Three wise mice

It has been confirmed by researchers that frankincense has psychoactive effects:
Despite the plethora of information, dating from the Middle Ages, on how to use frankincense to influence a person's state of mind, frankincense resin's use as a drug to counter depression and anxiety was discovered by chance.
Looking at the resin's anti-inflammatory properties, the researches gave frankincense to mice.
"We saw that the frankincense gave the mice a high," says Fride, whose lab also researches the therapeutic use of cannabis.
The frankincense acts on a little-understood receptor in the brain, and may be used as the basis for an anti-depressant.

100g of frankincense resin.
100g of frankincense resin

Frankincense from Yemen
Frankincense from Yemen

Denzil Dexter was unavailable for comment.

Hat-tip to Caroline of Necropolis Now for emailing me the article.

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Bo said...

This doesn't surprise me - I find it an incredibly uplifting smell.